Mary's Safe House

Homeless Shelter for Pregnant & Single Mothers

Welcome to this page!

Hello my name is Dee Hagans and I am excited to be to be jumping on board with Mary’s Safe House. I have chosen to dedicate my time, money and ideas to help plant and establish a mission that is new to Licking County.  

MSH is a faith based, non-profit organization with an inspiring goal to help single mothers and their children fight homelessness and other problems unique to their situations. We want to guide these mothers to the road of self-sustainability.

You are the most important and vital person in our efforts to reach out to wonderful Licking County and the surrounding area. By joining us, you will be making the statement, “We will stand by you! We will help you and encourage you! We will not let you walk or do this alone!”

You, the people that see this article, are the ones that have the resources and skills needed to help MSH. Can you volunteer? Pray? Maybe make a monetary donation? Can you offer a class that can be beneficial to these ladies? Are you a business owner who can offer a job? Are you good at networking and can help introduce us? Interested in being on our board? The things you can do don’t stop there! We need your ideas! We need you, a passionate person, to take a step of faith and walk along the side of us! Thank you!

We can do all things through Christ,

Dee Hagans