Mary's Safe House

Homeless Shelter for Pregnant & Single Mothers

Meet Tressa Spires, CEO/Founder of Mary's Safe House. 

Tressa named MSH after her grandmother Mary, who had of great  passion to help everyone.  Tressa is an amazing woman with a huge heart!  Through her eyes, she has lead many of us women to find our passion to help others. 

Contact information:
Cell No. (614) 743-4774
Email: [email protected]

Meet Tennille VanDeWater, Executive Director of Mary's Safe House.

I believe I have finally found my calling and what I am very passionate about in life.  After meeting Tressa Spires over 3 years ago, my life has never been the same.  The amount of joy I receive from helping others on a daily basis is one of the best rewards life could ever offer!  I know that the years to come are going to be amazing!

Contact Information:
Cell No. (740) 755-9710
Email: [email protected]
Delores Hagans, Director of Mary's Safe House.

Dee joined MSH last year and is on fire, not just for Jesus, but leading souls to Jesus and helping these women.  She is very dedicated to helping single mothers, as she has her own personal life journey to share with them.

Contact Information:
Cell No. (740) 644-1347
Email: [email protected]